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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here...

Appearances can be decieving...

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Not your average run of the mill economist...
ak-wu theorem, anime, bartending, black, bouldering, bouldering in street shoes, bouldering with no shoes, brass, buildering, butterscotch strawberry swirl, campusing rungs, canon powershot a540, carmel rasberry swirl, cooking, creativity, developing economic theorems, doc martins, doing the wu, dry wit, economics, experimental music, fencing, frank rosolino, frank zappa, game theory, garbage, guelph, guitar, happy tree friends, hugs, invader zim, invisible turkey flute, jujimufu, kallan, kayden, leather, mad rock, meif, messing with people's minds, music, mythology, new jersey series, night walks, nikon, origami, photography, piano, piercings, reading, rock climbing, sarcasm, setting things aflame, sharp objects, singing, spikes, swords, tattoos, team ryouko, the occasional jazz tune, trombone, university of guelph, urban exploration, various movies, walking in the rain, wdtsf